Automatizálás - mérnöki tevékenység

Our engineering office started in 1994. Our main activity involves planning, making, installing and activating of the control technique systems. Our aim is to help you with your automations requirements by offering high profile solutions.

System integrators to Rockwell Automation

We are system integrators to Rockwell Automation since 2004, therefore we use th Allen-Bradley devices, but we also use devices of the following manufacturers: Omron, Controltechniques, Telemechanique / Schneider Electric, Endress-Hauser, Stahl, Möller (Eaton), Siemens.

The process representations (SCADA) can be done in Rockwell RSView, Citec environment.

Beside PLC-s controls we make power current distributors, control planning and installations up to 800A. These system are installed into Rittal cabinet.

Automation, szabályozás, vezérlés

We can recommend solutions for you in the following areas:

  • Automation of production lines and machines
  • Variable Speed Drives, Servo drives, regulations
  • Temperature regulation, temperature measurement, data collection
  • Controling, regulating of pumps for thermal energy
  • Retrofit of automations systems, redesigning of obsolete control, if servicing not cost-effective
  • Correction of other equipments, maintenance, servicing.

Partnereink lehetnek az automatizálási, szabályozási feladatok során

Our main customers activities are the following:

  • Engine builders in the glass industry, food industry, specialized in packaging and loading techniques and other automated technologies,
  • Greenhouse operators, who wish to solve the heating by geothermal energy and thermal water,
  • Building engineering partners, who wish to have a controlling system of their cooling and heating (HVAC) system,
  • Customers with existing technology who would like to maintain, update or service their systems occasionally or on a regular basis,
  • Importers and re-exporters of new or existing technologies who wish to update, automize, mechanical works and install their system.

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