Ipari automatizálás, szabályozás

Have you ever seen a control cabinet?
Have you ever seen three truckfull of control cabinet?

Up until now, our largest project was realised in 2011 by commission from Rockwell Automation (first was built in 2008). It's involved the building of a glass factory and took us six months to complete it with the necessary cablings.

If you don't have a demand for such a large project, we can still help with the solution of the next tasks:

Automation of technologies from planning to completion

Automation of technologies from planning to completion of installation with Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley's products, but we also use other manufacturers materials (Siemens, Omron, Telemecanique / Schneider Electric).


Servicing with the Czech ServisControl partner. Repairing of industrial electronics, control devices with 12 months guarantee.

BRADY labeling technique

Brady labeling technique, with the products of one of the world's leading brands, related mainly to our primary activities: (machinery-labeling, device-labeling, cable-labeling)

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